Property Management

Private and institutional landowners trust us to manage and advise on a variety of estates and land holding issues throughout the country.

Our services include traditional aspects such as taxation and forestry as well as helping clients to consider ways in which to maximise income and asset value.

The Brown Rural Partnership manages property effectively through a combination of attention to detail on fundamentals such as rent reviews, maintenance and insurance, service of notices and an informed judgement on opportunities to maximise income and asset value.

We can help to maximise income and asset value by exploiting opportunities on farms and estates through:

  • Mineral development
  • Farm yard conversions
  • Telecom masts
  • Non-agricultural development
  • Tenancy reorganisation
  • Forestry and woodlands
  • Renewable energies

The Brown Rural Partnership assists in preparing Environmental and Countryside Stewardship schemes which provide funding to enhance the environment and wildlife. We offer the knowledge required to identify the most appropriate agri-environment scheme for different types of land.

In addition we manage and maximise Basic Payment Scheme potential by purchasing and transferring entitlements.